Bernie Madoff With all the Money

Ok ok that joke is lame and overused but I still find it fascinating his last name is Madoff…so so appropriate.

SO!  During the week of this worms sentencing, I suppose I could share my Bernie Madoff experience.  No, I did not meet him, nor did I lend him any money…

BUT the night before the whole scandal broke and took over the media, I was yet again in my tuxedo serving the rich. 

It was a real ‘Palm Beach’ event, one filled with locals who supposedly by now I am supposed to recognize, but don’t.  Maybe because when I meet them I am to involved in staring at their wedding rings and trying to comprehend how a person could own a diamond that big.  Maybe that is why I don’t recognize their faces…I only know them by rings. 
Click here for an example of some ice ice baby…

ANYWAYS.  I was standing in the hall, being a ‘human arrow’ as they call it. AKA I was standing there doing NOTHING, and getting paid for it.

There was several guests buzzing around, and there was a hushed whisper.  I managed to make out some words from a lady, that at the time I was confused by but now it is obvious..

Not a lot of people will be dancing tonight…..Some people lost millions….etc.

And it was true.  The next day we all realized that some freak a leak living one mile from us stole billions of dollars from people in and around Palm Beach, and the country. 

However, if these people were at the party, they still danced.  Maybe when you loose 20 million dollars the only thing left to do is dance away your troubles? Hmm….

Anyways,  it was interesting to see that first hand account of the people of Palm Beach during that time of hardship.  And to see the effects in our community.  Every Saturday and Sunday down the street from my house this huge warehouse opens up with ‘estate liquidation’, which basically is a Palm Beach garage sale.

But even these rich leftovers are out of my price range!  Sigh…I don’t live rich…I serve the rich.  Holla.


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