Notable Quote: Don’t pop my implant…

It was a convention for local plastic surgeons.  It was a normal event, with tan table cloths…aka boring.  However, once people started showing up things got a little more interesting.

Welcome to the convention of people who look…..strange?

It was cosmetic surgery heaven.

Every woman there had been tweaked, pulled, prodded and plumped.  Granted, some looked good….but some were overly sliced and diced to the point where they looked like they arrived at the party in a space ship.

Click this link for an excellent example of a walking talking plastic human…

Anyways, they were giving away awards for who knows what…maybe who looks the most different then they did in high school?  Who most likely would not be recognized by their own mother?  Whose nose looks like the most like Michael Jackson’s? (RIP oh King of Pop. 😦  )

Moving on..this lady goes up to receive her award.  As this lovely surgeon goes to pin the medal or ribbion or whatever onto her..chestal area..(the highlight of his night).. She proclaims, in front of 400 some people:


Into the mike, loud and proud.

Moral of the story…always be careful when pining things onto fake chests…they might pop?  Make its something they teach you in post op.


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