Magical Wedding Cake Resurrected

Ok…so I had previously written about a $50,000 wedding cake that I wanted to punch in its third tier.  But apparently when you buy a cake at that price, it comes with…MAGICAL POWERS!!!! muahaha.

Setting: Ballroom. Event:  Super nice wedding…as always. Cake: Right in front of the door so the world sees it when they walk inside.

There the 5 tier cake sat it all its glory.  It had its own table, and its own spotlight.  Its crystal sugar glistened in the candle lit room.  Sigh.  I bet it tasted delicious…

Anyways, things started getting exciting.  People started shaking their booty’s, and the drinks were flying.

Not sure exactly how it happened…but someone drank and shook a little to much around the shrine of the cake…and


Emergency! Cake down!  Cake down!

It collapsed.

OMG.  That thing probably cost a ton ton ton.  And it was done done done.

So, chefs more frazzled then the bride hustled out with a wheeled table and hoisted the once radiant pastry onto it.  With their white hats erect like little cake making Keebler elves, they whisked it away into who knows where land.

This is where the hotel and all its wealth conjured up the spirits of the late Henry Flagler and worked its magic.

No exaggeration.

About 7 minuets later….out came the cake.  Looking better then it did before. 



A mystery.

How did they do it??!!

The big question of the night: can the chefs take me into their magical room and make me look better then when I went in?

Not if I am still wearing this tuxedo. Sigh.


One response to “Magical Wedding Cake Resurrected

  1. I remember that cake! I also remember NO ONE EATING IT… ironic isn’t it? The thousands and thousands of dollars the rich and famous dedicate towards food, but then there is that weight to maintain… bread… its a swear word… cake… well thats just obscene. Don’t worry starving babies of Africa and homeless of West Palm… I ate 3 pieces of it, one for you and two for me… I figured it only cost the bride’s father about $15,000. Thats about 5,000 a slice for a 500,000 dollar cake. yak yak. whaaaa

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