Oops forgot about that $1 million dollar non-refundable wedding deposit…what to do what to do.


Okkk….so you want to party like a big shot?  Then you have to bring the big bucks…

 One lovely bride to be had planned this huge, extravagant wedding and put down a hefty chunk of cash as a deposit.  However, maybe they should have invested a little more into their relationship…because eventually the wedding was called off. Bah bum baaaammm!!! (That was some ‘OH NO!’ music…can’t you just hear it?!)

Anyways, sorry to inform you oh bride of wealth, but you can’t have your money back.  We already reserved the space and it is too late to re-book it, therefore…we keep the cash.

HOWEVER!  You can ‘reformat’ your so called wedding plans, and just use that million…on your closest family members and friends!

AKA a WOO-HOO lets have a HUGE I am not getting married party!

And that is exactly what this woman did. 

PLEASE can you imagine being asked to come to this celebration.

What was once a wedding for 300 turned into a small party of 40…using all the same amount of hot cash.

What?! Seriously? Can you imagine?  All in all the total bill for just the DINNER and DRINKS of each guest individually…was:




Oh my word.  $1,400 for one dinner.  It was INSANE!  Can you imagine what it took to fill that bill? 

What else could one get for $1,400?

Well, this car for example.

Or a years worth of daily delicious Starbucks overly priced coffees.

Or 466 bags of Doritos….just saying… maybe that is my fantasy.
However the ex-bride did not serve up a Cadillac with a side of ‘Tacos after Midnight’ Doritos ( a new, way, way random flavor), with a open bar of frappucinos.

But…it was a five course meal.  At this point I can’t even remember what exactly they were eating…probably steak wrapped in gold with a side of diamonds.

(Side note- eating gold is actually something that goes on in these parts…My friend works at Mar-a-Lago AKA Donald Trump’s house.  She brought home cookies or something to that effect that had real gold painted on.  Sometimes in life you come across things that you eat just to say…that you ate it.  That was one of those times.  I ate gold.  And I feel like a ridiculous and spoiled American because of it.  Please don’t use this as a disclaimer to eat your wedding ring.)

I do remember the Cristal was flowing freely.   A case of 2002 Cristal currently is priced at.. around $2,600.  Not a big deal.  Lets eat and drink our money away…wow!

Anyways, this amazed me.  A wee Midwesterner whose price per head at her wedding was a mere $20.  And although I did NOT serve gold and Cristal, I did have a wicked cheese plate!

Just another day on Palm Beach I suppose.



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