Bra: Necessary Wedding Accessory

Ah….yet another wedding.  It was lavish, it was lush…yadda yadda yadda it was another rich wedding. 

It seemed that almost no detail was forgotten.  The table cloths matched the napkins, which matched the lighting, which matched the signature drinks passed upon arrival.  It was beautiful as always. 

The ceremony took place in one of the smaller ballrooms.  Filled with about 200 people, the gold painted ceiling glistened in the candle light.

There was a traditional Jewish chuppa made entirely out of flowers that seemed to tower over the whole room, and filled it with a delicious scent.  There was a string quartet playing,  and a handsome groom standing up front awaiting his new bride.

Again, it seemed that no detail was left out of this joyous event….well…except for one.

One small, absent detail that will probably be the most remembered detail of the entire lavish evening.

All the bridesmaids were bra-less.  And all their nips were staring everyone right in the face. 

Oh my headlights.  I mean, every single one of them had large, surgically enhanced chesticals to begin with that were loud and proud on their own.

But now they were resorting back to the ways of 1975, and were flying free and fearless without a Victoria Secret underwire to hold them back.

As I said..I am sure the food was great, and the music just dazzling.  But even with all that money spent on decorations and dresses…only one thing will be remembered. 


Enough said. Bridesmaids…wear a bra.


One response to “Bra: Necessary Wedding Accessory

  1. hahaha..This is wonderful. I can almost hear you relaying this story out word for word. Priceless.

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