Womens Heaven Discovered: Wall to wall free makeup.

Every woman in the world dreams of a situation like this.  Well..there may be some ladies who have no desire for this situation…but those are the ones named Betty that change their name to Bill at age 35. 

My dear friend and onetime roommate rocks the serving tuxedo along side me.  She just has this way of …schmoozing?  Lets just say she is the friend that you love but always find yourself saying  “whatever!’ in jealousy when she gets tipped 200 dollars for getting a few cocktails, or a free haircut from a celebrity stylist…just because she is cute and awesome.  Whatever.

Love her…but she is that girl.  And I am not.

Anyways…this is one of those ‘woo hoo I was born with lucky magical dust coming out of my butt’ moments.

She was sporting her tux and white gloves, hair a mess from the sweaty reception outside.

It was a week long convention that comes just about every year to the hotel.  All the national big shot companies that stock the shelves of drug stores are there.  Every single drug store beauty product is represented.  The whole week is one big self promoting networking sucking up how much money can we spend fun fest.

All the product reps try to get the different drug stores to buy their goods.  They do this by throwing ridiculous, overly expensive banquets for the buyers.  I am talking HUGE ballrooms filled with Circ de Soleil performances or hit singers to provide very expensive background music.   This year we had Jewel, Seal, and Styx perform.  But that is another story.

Anyways…my friend and her magical butt dust.  She was chatting, as we five star servers are known to do.  One guest got a wiff  of my friends enchanting lucky scent, and fell under her spell.  This guest…was a celebrity makeup artist.

Hey!  Why don’t you stop back tomorrow before your shift.  I will do your makeup for you!

Ok! my friend replied.  Sweet.  Maybe this woman just felt pity on us for the manly nasty outfits we had to wear in front of famous people….or maybe she just was nice.

So my friend goes and meets this woman the next day.

She walks in the small ballroom and gasps.

Wall to wall tables set up, piled high with…


Everything new, in fashion, or just plain sweet covered the entire room in mounds.

My friend just discovered woman’s heaven on earth.  Who knew it was in a tiny conference room in a hotel on Palm Beach Island?  Who knew…

So she got her makeup done and looked stunning in her man suit that night.

But before she left…the unthinkable happened.

The makeup artist said

Here is a bag!  Go around the room and take whatever you want.

Excuse me? Excuse me?! Did she really just say that?

Oh she did..and she meant it. 

My friend took the bag and with awkward sideways glances just started shoving loads of makeup into it.
She looked like a homeless woman at an unattended sidewalk hot dog stand.

Taking her arm and sweeping the entire contents of Covergirl’s latest nail polish shades and Maybelline’s newest lip stains into the bag, basically clearing off the tables.

Please note: we are still college students.  We freak out when Chick-Fil-A gives away a free sandwich.

There was little time to be classy in this situation.  My friend went. to. town.

She showed me what she got after the shift that night.  No lies she had about 25 different shades of lip gloss.  Everything from brown to hot pink to orange to nude in more flavors then a smoothie shop.  Heaven.  BAH!

But before I had time to oh so jealous…my tuxedo pal came through.  She shared.

Love her.  Love my glossed lips. Over and out.



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