Most awkward co-worker encounter ever. EVER


One thing that comes along with every job is weird co-workers.  No matter where you go, or where you work..there is always going to be that batch of lunatics.

At our job we get to deal with people from every different culture imaginable.  It is pretty cool.  I get to learn about other countries customs, and even pick up a few new words in several different languages.  I can swear and call people a homosexual in about five languages.  Just call me educated.

Anyways, there are so many people from so many places it often gets hard to keep track.  Plus we are all dressed identical so sometimes its hard to tell one person from another.

This lack of recognition is especially evident when you run into some co workers out side of work.  They will follow you or approach you and you won’t recognize them right away, then you finally throw out a “Oh…hey…you!” Having forgotten their name without their gold plated name tag to help you out.

Anyways, this was one of those moments.  I was in a department store shopping for some lingerie.  My sister was getting married and I was buying her hot things for her bridal shower that evening.  So my cart was piled high with unmentionables, for my sister.

I turn around and was looking at something on a rack.

When I turned back…there was a man, holding this tiny cheetah print thong I picked out, and tenderly stroking the crotch of it.

I gasped.
Side note-I just threw up remembering this moment.

So, with sly eyes and a thick accent, he muttered…

How you husband?

What?! Who was this strange man stroking my cheetah thong?!  And how does he know my super awesome adorable husband? eek.
Oh….it hit me. Co-Worker.  Got it.  I know you.  Hey there…person I can’t remember your name and don’t recognize you if you are not wearing a tux. Hey how you doing… get your nasty fingers off my lingerie. BARF.

Seriously, comment and give me a more awkward co-worker encounter, and I will give you five dollars.  The worst part is I still don’t know who who he was.  I go back to work and jump into the sea of tuxes and everyone blends together.  But every time he sees me he probably thinks of that underwear and the feel of it between his nasty digits.  fsdkljfklsdjfljsdklfj. Gross.

EW. End of story. Ew.


One response to “Most awkward co-worker encounter ever. EVER

  1. Ha ha!!! OMG. Awkward!

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