More poodle bliss.


This is a little something for you dozens of people who come to my sight via googling poodle, ugly poodle, or weird poodle.  Who knew I would get such traffic from you poodle lovers and haters!  Here is my update to the Palm Beach poodle madness.

I was in Publix the other day on the Island, fresh from the beach, covered in sand and smeared mascara and looking way sub par to the Palm Beach ladies who put on their finest for a trip to the grocery store.

Side note to this side note about poodles …. the Palm Beach Publix has valet parking.  The parking lot literally is 20 feet long.  Why would you valet?

Anyways, I was in there purchasing hot dogs for an upcoming camping adventure to St. Augustine (balla!).  Then, as I veered out of aisle 5 I came face to face with a massive. white. gigantic. poodle.

Visual aid:



 Oh my goodness I just about dropped my mystery meat sticks encased in synthetic cellulose casings.  These giant poodles freak me out, and who let this big fluff puff into Publix?

Then I saw.  The precious old man who had this cotton candy dog on a leash had also taken the time to put on a “Service Dog” vest on it.

Service dog?  Really? Really?

Service dogs are labs or German shepherds … but not fluffy afro puff poodles!  What service exactly could this poodle provide?  Could he sing you Tina Turner songs when you feel like you needed a big hair tune to dance to?

 Please note this resemblance.

Anyways, the old Palm Beach man and his massive poodle were so adorable and precious, but so ridiculous at the same time.    Although I highly doubt that his poodle companion was a trained service dog, I don’t doubt that the little old man loved that fluff enough to take it into the grocery store.  I should have fed it a hot dog.  Onward soldiers!


4 responses to “More poodle bliss.

  1. I love seeing dogs at Publix. That’s one thing that the French get right, because dogs are welcome everywhere there but hospitals.

    I sometimes think about getting my six-pound Yorkie a service dog vest that reads, “Please don’t pat me, I’m working it.”

  2. A dozen years ago, on the North End, there was a woman with two huge standard sized “accessory “poodles. One was named Flaubert and the other one also had a French artist’s name. Anyway, they were not trained at all. They were jumpers. They ran wild over the North End. One even took to defecating in my pool! Yuck ! Like drunks from a late night at Cucina, I often saw the Police taking these poodles back to this woman’s house after a run through the neighborhood.

    • “Like drunks from a late night at Cucina.” You just made my day. Flaubert the pool pooping poodle….class.

  3. One thing that I am getting sick of is little dogs that women carry on board airliners. Every flight that I am on , especially to and from NYC, are packed, and I am always seated by a woman with little dog in a bag. They are mostly quiet , but some times theyare not. I miss the G3

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