Palm Beach socialite goes ghetto…

It was an evening event and all the Palm Beach ladies were dressed in their finest.

The silk was flowing; the intricate beading was sparkling in the light. Hair was elegantly wrapped in French twists, or freshly blown out from the Edward Beauty Salon. 

The men’s suits were new and wrinkle free, the ties and pocket squares loud with color, patterns and Palm Beach style.

It was cocktail hour, and the Frank Sinatra wanna-be was crooning the crowd with all the classics. I went back into the kitchen to bring out a plate of California rolls and fresh tuna. Always a crowd pleaser.

As I re-entered the ballroom, I could sense that something was different… somthing was going down.

Ladies eyes were darting to one part of the room, hidden under their thick eyelash extensions. The tone of the party was more hushed, people slipping out comments half under their breath. Then I saw what everyone in the room apparently had as well.

A Palm Beach gent had entered the room, grabbed some champagne and began his mingle session like all the rest.

But his date, a caucasian woman, her lips plumped and her hair big, clearly accustomed to the ways of the island, had on a very peculiar outfit. Let’s just say this Palm Beach socialite looks like she just walked out of a house party in the Bronx. 

The woman….was dressed ghetto. While the rest of the Palm Beach ladies were in floor length gowns and vintage, she chose to wear booty shots and a belly chain. She had in big hoops that had the word ‘phresh’ across them. Her lipstick was bright red, her shorts screamed Apple Bottom and her shirt read Baby Phat. She had boots that went up past her knees with stiletto heels that could hurt someone in a brawl. Her blond hair had corn rows. Corn rows. Yes, corn rows. On Palm Beach. This was a first in the history of the island.

Everyone was staring at this urban elephant in the room, but she and her man were rocking it and not thinking twice about it. If this woman had enough confidence to walk into the hotel wearing booty shorts and corn rows, who knows what else she could do. She was fierce and a hot tranny mess.


2 responses to “Palm Beach socialite goes ghetto…

  1. What’s wrong with ties and pocket squares with lout patterns and colors?

    Did you pass around trays of Krunk Juice?


    • nothing is wrong with the Palm Beach paternsssss… I do appreciate the quirky fashion sense.
      I had a man dress a little too South Florida at my Minnesota wedding and all the northerners were so confused…they were like why is he not wearing socks with those loafers and why is his tie pink? Classic.

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