These are the tales of a blond Midwestern girl who moved to South Florida in pursuit of a higher education in the magnificent field of journalism.  In need of supporting herself, she became a waitress at one of the most expensive and renowned hotels in the country, on the most wealth concentrated island in the country. Welcome to Palm Beach, Fl.  Little did she know the people she would meet, the weird things she would see, hear, and the things she wish she never saw or heard.  Excessive wealth does funny things to people sometimes, and lets just say…work was never boring.

Read this, laugh at it, and believe it because they are all based on true events.

So strap on your polyester tuxedo and white serving gloves, grab that silver tray and put on that fake smile. Come venture into the world of a …Palm Beach Waitress.
Disclaimer: all these crazy people discussed in this blog I love for their craziness the zest they bring to life, because God created them, and loves them and myself unconditionally, quirks included.
Onward soldiers!
P.S.  All writing is copyright of Katie Schnack, and may not be reproduced without her permission, which usually requires a hefty payment of chocolate and coffee, and cheese.  Thanks for not stealing my work! 🙂
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And you can email me at pbwaitress@gmail.com !
The Palm Beach Waitress has relocated to the great state of Texas … a dream come true she never even knew she had.  Queso for multiple meals a day – you can’t go wrong.  She is working as a freelance writer and reporter, and has been featured in Redbook Magazine, Austin Lifestyle, Thrillist.com and more.  Click here to visit her professional website.  AND – most important- she is working on the publication of her book, based off of this blog of course.  Cross your fingers and say a prayer because the Palm Beach Waitress wants to see this baby in PRINT.
xo times 1000

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