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Weird Wedding Alert: 25 brides in one wedding.

Weird wedding alert: Wedding party of 50.

Ok, so sometimes people feel the need to throw all of their sorority sisters into their wedding party, so they have 10 bridesmaids.  Or, there always is that awkward sister in law that you feel compelled to add in…or your fiances second cousin who basically asked to be in the wedding party.  Things like this happen, its understandable.  Sometimes, wedding parties get big.

But this one wedding…well…it was really big.

The bride had 25 bridesmaids.


Say what? Do I even have 25 friends?  I could not believe it.  And somehow, the groom mustered up 25 reluctant groomsmen to pair perfectly with each woman.

But this isn’t the end of it…

All 25 bridesmaids were wearing white, floor length gowns.

Um…which one is the bride? I couldn’t tell.  Its like she was making the guests play a guessing game.  It was Wheres Waldo: wedding edition.

Each of the 25 bridesmaids were wearing their own mini wedding gown.  Some of them were pretty risque too…

One woman had a completely backless white silk gown that showed more cleavage than your great aunt Bertha in a bikini.  Only on Palm Beach Island would this occur.

Everyone is different and every bride is different….I guess this one took sharing is caring to the extreme and wanted ever single friend and family member join in on the white dress festivities! Cheers.  Don’t spill on your gown.